December 2018 Advisor of the Month

Please check out some of the awesome things our advising colleagues are doing this month. Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work!

Pete Rex, Leah Schuh, Laurel Clarkson, and Melissa Solinger Pete, Leah, Laurel, and Melissa all serve as part of the Human Science cluster of advisors in EHE. Since joining this team I have received non-stop support from every advisor. Any question I have had big or small they are always willing to help or provide insightful guidance. In additional to advising, they all go above and beyond in the other roles they hold overseeing and managing special populations and/or programs.

Congratulations Pete, Leah, Laurel, and Melissa! 

ACADAOS Workshop Series: Brainstorming Presentation Ideas

Tuesday, December 18th, members of ACADAOS met to brainstorm ideas for presentation proposals that could be submitted by advisors who were interested in presenting at various conferences. One of the biggest challenges with writing a proposal is actually coming up with an idea of what to present, so we thought we would share some of the ideas that were discussed (see below). Each participant shared wonderful ideas with the group and are open to presenting with others, which is why their contact information is listed next to the ideas. If you see a topic that interests you and you want to chat or are interested in presenting with the advisor listed, please feel free to reach out to them.

  • Jim Lingo (
    • Impostor syndrome as a young or newer professional
    • Jim is currently reading Peter Hagen’s book “The Power of Story: Narrative Theory in Academic Advising”, and he was interested in  presenting on the concept of narratives of advising
    • Managing larger caseloads, especially in offices of one or two
  • Amanda Crall (
    • Establishing programs for graduate students
    • The structure of ACADAOS and the benefits of developing an advising organization on campus
    • Professional development
  • Jenna Russell (
    • Advising students in health majors
    • How to work with a competitive major and serve all populations of these students (those admitted to the program, those who need to find another major, etc.)
    • Preparing health majors for graduate level programs 
  • Caitlin Welsh (
    • Offering co-curricular opportunities (learning communities, etc.) that help students prepare for graduate/professional school
    • Also interested in presenting on working with competitive majors
  • Melissa Basford (
    • helping students manage emotional reactions for competitive majors (Caitlin is interested in this too)
    • Panel idea for how to get started in advising
    • Transitioning from student affairs to academic advising
    • How to navigate career goals or adjusting in a higher education environment
    • How to start a recognition program on campus (staff/advisors, students, etc.)
      • Marketing to leadership to create buy-in
  • Stephanie Elliott (
    • Professional Development: identifying and connecting advisors w/PD opportunities on your campus without necessarily being experts on the topic
    • Panel across institutions regarding transitioning community college students to larger institutions
  • Katie Bush-Glenn (
    • Retention
    • Peer mentoring/advising
    • Professional mentoring
  • General ideas if anyone is interested: 
    • Utilizing the Digital Flagship initiative in advising and/or survey (maybe a future topic once we have another year under our belts as a campus?)
    • Currently changing student demographics/personality (attention, reliant on specific forms of technology, need to go back to basics w/technology, etc.)
    • Different support systems established for students and encouraging them to take advantage of offerings (i.e. support from the start, FYE red/yellow/green light)

Moving forward, we will be hosting a second workshop focused on how to write proposals for submission and feedback, so keep an eye out for this offering in spring. Also, if there is a conference that you would like to present at, this is a good time to make note of proposal deadlines. Members of the ACADAOS Professional Development Committee are happy to assist you with the proposal feedback as well.

November 2018 Outstanding Advisor of the Month

Please check out some of the awesome things our advising colleagues are doing this month. Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work!

Barry Tolchin Barry is consistently willing to take on leadership roles within the College of Engineering and always willing provide support to other advisors when they need help. In the absence of a director, Barry stepped up to lead the bi-weekly advising meetings and regularly sends out information that is helpful to the collective advisor group. He is thoughtful, attention-detailed, and hard-working. We are lucky to have him as a colleague!
Nancy Coscia With an unflagging enthusiasm, Nancy puts our students first. She never ceases to address each advisee with great warmth and thoughtful, accurate answers. As my direct supervisor, I feel completely supported and validated in my advising and in my professional development. She is a great colleague and advisor.
Liz McGinnis Liz has been great with getting items up on our undergraduate department website quickly, sometimes in just a few hours to learning new information. She has also been extremely helpful to me specifically getting a project completed and posted to our website.
Audrey Van Ostran Audrey continually goes above and beyond her duties in our office. Not only does she oversee all pre-law students but she also holds roles within ACADAOS, has a digital flagship section of survey, and a full case load of students. Additionally, she is always willing to put together email templates with important information that all our students need and makes a point to share those with everyone to help make our communication consistent and effective especially during registration times.

And the winners of the ACADAOS raffle are…. Liz McGinnis & Nancy Coscia!

Brown Bag Lunch: Professional Development Plan Check-in

The Professional Development Committee is sponsoring a Brown Bag Lunch Event as follows:

Professional Development Plan Check-in

Tues., Nov. 27

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Derby Hall 1186

Please register to attend:  Professional Development Plan Check-in

(Registration is not required, but helpful for planning purposes.)


For other professional development opportunities, please go to ACADAOSProfDevAU18

Please feel free to share this with others who might be interested.

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