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To access the ACADAOS Advisor Professional Development Carmen site, go to Carmen and look under the Student tab. This course will be listed under Ongoing courses.

In order to gain access to the ACADAOS Advisor Professional Development Carmen site, you must be a member of ACADAOS. Click here for more information about becoming a member.

Member benefits include the following, all other sponsored experiences are open to all advisors:

  • Able to apply for funding

    • Conferences
    • Student Enrichment Grants
  • Able to contribute to the ACADAOS website
    • Blogging
    • Literature reviews
  • Attend General Body Meetings
  • Receive ACADAOS listserv emails
  • Able to participate in leadership activities:
    • Hold a position within the organization
      • Executive board
      • Committee chairs/members
    • Planning committee for the following events
      • Advisor Appreciation Week
      • Annual Advisor Conference
      • End-of-Year Banquet
    • Assist with identifying Professional Development Opportunities
    • We are also continuing to develop leadership opportunities throughout the year. We are open to suggestions, so if you have an idea, please feel free to suggest it!

5 thoughts on “Member Login

  1. Hello!
    I am a non-advisor member of ACADAOS. I am kicking the tires on possibly going to grad school in Higher Education and Student Affairs, and am looking for someone to bounce questions off of and to ask for advice. (And to probably calm anxieties.) Email me if you have the time to be a mentor. Thank you!!
    Bobbie Kirby

    • Hello Bobbie,

      This is Brooke Raake. I would love to get you in touch with someone who recently graduated from the HESA program at OSU, but I’m not sure who in our membership has that background. Can I look into this a little bit more and get back to you? I will contact you through your OSU email, kirby.72.


      • Thanks, Brooke. I have had a reply from Sarah Howard, who is an advisor in Exploration. She has given me fabulous advice, as well as her educational background and experiences. (And I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t thanked her for her email!!). I would welcome any and all people you send my way, and I appreciate your efforts!!

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