About Us

The Academic Advising Association of Ohio State (ACADAOS) was founded in 1991 to encourage greater interaction and discussion among campus professionals, faculty, and graduate students interested in advising issues at The Ohio State University.  ACADAOS was recognized as an official Ohio State University organization by the Provost in 1995.  This organization has been allied with the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) since 1994.


Executive Committee 2016-2017

Past-President: Barry Tolchin Engineering (Civil and Environmental) tolchin.5@osu.edu
President: Brooke Raake ASC (Geography) raake.5@osu.edu
President-Elect: Sarah Howard Exploration howard.933@osu.edu
Treasurer: Matt Waitkus Exploration waitkus.5@osu.edu
Secretary: Maria Barone ASC (Speech and Hearing Science) barone.30@osu.edu