Professional Development Video Links

Did you know Professional Development might be as easy as watching TV? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about ways to work on new and interesting ideas when your energy levels are drained!

NACADA on YouTube

NACADA makes some past webinar recordings available to view on YouTube. Also check out past TechTalks recordings.

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

TED has built a “clearinghouse of free knowledge from the world’s most inspired thinkers”, delivered in video recordings of 18 minutes or less on a myriad of topics.


Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED ACADAOS!


This is our very first ACADAOS blog post! We hope that you will use this website and the new Professional Development Incentive Plan as a way to connect to colleagues and find avenues to develop as professionals.  Our goal with the blog section of the website is that it will give those who have an interest in writing or publishing an outlet to be creative and share their research and thoughts.  If you are interested in being a guest writer, please submit your articles to Jackie von Spiegel ( or Jamie Paulson ( for review and they will post them on the site.   For now I will leave you with my “top 10 reasons to be involved with ACADAOS”.

10.  Annual Dime-A-Dog night outing at the Columbus Clippers game!

9.  Being a part of ACADAOS means being a part of a community of advisors who want to advance our profession and the Ohio State Advising Community!

8.  Access to professional development funds and access to funding for student outreach initiatives!

7. Access to write for this blog!

6. Ability to have input on what kinds of professional development opportunities we offer every year!

5. Chance to be on the executive board or to be a committee member and help plan events and initiatives for colleagues!

4. Being “in the know” about what’s going on in advising on campus!

3. The new Professional Development Incentive program!

2. Seeing other advisors at ACADAOS events brings our advising community to life.  It gets us out of our silos and working collaboratively to create a better student experience!

and my #1 reason to join ACADAOS….

It can make your job more fun! We work together to fix the ‘lows’ and come together to celebrate the ‘highs’!  It is a great morale booster and positive experience!


To join ACADAOS please visit this link