Advisor of the Month Award

A great way to acknowledge amazing advisors at Ohio State!

Has one of your colleagues been going the extra mile to help their students? Have they gone above and beyond to help other advisors, faculty, or staff? Nominate them for the Advisor of the Month Award! To make a nomination, simply fill out the nomination form. All nominees will be recognized below with their nominator’s comments.  Additionally, one nominee will be randomly drawn each month to receive a fun ACADAOS prize!

Let someone know how much their efforts are appreciated!


November Advisors of the Month


Alexander Thomas Alex has been doing a wonderful job and has been really catching on quickly to our complicated curriculum. He has taken over survey and has made some excellent changes. He has been a great new addition to our advising office.


Alison Baker Alison is an awesome collaborator and coworker! She is considerate and thoughtful, and she adds a smile or a joke to go along with her helpful input. My day is always brightened when I see her! Thanks for being you, Alison!
Rodica Barbu Rodica Barbu has gone the extra mile this month doing double duty by filling in on Transfer Credit evaluations while one of our colleagues is on medical leave. In addition, she has pitched in and handled additional walk in hours which has been incredibly helpful during the busy month of November with students scheduling for spring term.
Keeping a positive attitude with such a high work volume is recognized and appreciated. Thanks Rodica!!
Diana Devol Bevilacqua Diana spearheaded efforts to develop a data driven Math Advising presentation for the NACADA conference that was held last month in Atlanta, Georgia. The presentation was very well received by participants who were thirsty for the information. Kudos for representing Ohio State and the Math Department so well at the conference, Diana!







October Advisors of the Month

Dana Blount Dana is not only an amazing academic advisor, she is a source of strength and knowledge for all of the students she works with. She has been working with the football team since 2011 as the defensive athletic academic counselor in SASSO. Not only is she a wonderful resource to all her students, she is has been a great motivator and mentor to other counselors in the office. She is always there with useful advice, a warm smile, and great insight. She never backs down from a challenge and pushes those around her to do the same. Dana has been instrumental in the success of so many students, it is not uncommon for former players to call or simply stop by the office just to say hello to Ms. D.

Gabe Tippery Outstanding service to both students and faculty.

Unsung hero of the department always with an open ear to the students and a resource to faculty to navigate detail and procedure.

I am a new faculty in the department, so I am not familiar with a lot of the procedures and rules within the department and the university. Gabe, our undergrad advisor, has been extremely helpful guiding me through all the information such as class enrollment, degree requirements, classes offered, students’ concerns, etc. Not only he is extremely informative on what’s going on within the department and students’ learning life, he always makes valuable suggestions and responds to ones questions in no time. He is such an asset to the department, to the students, and to all faculty.

He is always on top of things and has your back when you need something. He is super cool and easy to get along with!! Who doesn’t love Gabe? The best question to ask is why not Gabe Tippery as advisor of the month? 🙂

He is an excellent advisor and excels at anticipating student needs and reaching out to students individually. He also is a great advocator for the Design Program and is helpful with career advice as well as class advice and does a great job providing design students with job opportunities.

Always accessible to students and takes a genuine interest in our learning. He really enjoys being with the students and is always welcoming a comfortable to be around.

Gabe actively engages with students outside of advising appointments and makes himself available when help is needed. He takes the time to help students with design research projects, coursework, and many other activities that are not required of him. He cultivates a social media presence for the Department of Design that is not just engaging and interactive for current students, but also attracts new students. Within this social media activity along with constantly providing scholarship information and job openings, design students are always given opportunities to grow and make connections. Gabe is an adviser who truly cares about the students he is advising. He is easy to talk to and will always try his best to fix the problem at hand.

Gabe is always willing to make time to help students. If there is something you need that he can’t provide, he will direct you to the person who can. He goes out of his way to make us feel welcome for walk-ins and is always keeping his eyes peeled for internship opportunities. He works hard to make a good impression on visiting potential students and to promote the quality of our program in general. Gabe is a responsible and considerate advisor and relates well to the students. He cares about us all and he puts in the extra effort to help out all those in need.

Gabe is so much a part of our program i couldn’t imagine it without him. He has an amazing rapport with all of our students and faculty. In addition he has become our conduit to recent graduates and has voluntarily been in control of our department’s social media sites. He has used his influence and likability to leverage past alumni the opportunity to take over our instagram page from time to time so we can all see the world through that alums eyes for the day and it has been a huge hit. He is involved with a lot of our department initiatives due to his extensive knowledge of our program and the issues surrounding our student’s needs and wishes. There is not one program on this campus that would be better off than if they had a Gabe Tippery working of them.

Congratulations to Dana and Gabe!