October 2018 Advisor of the Month

Please check out some of the awesome things our advising colleagues are doing this month. Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work!

Niki Jaburek Niki has been working really hard to improve our peer mentor program. She has been meeting weekly with our mentors and coming up with new ways to improve advising in our office and the survey course. She has also been doing a very good job of mastering our complex curriculum. We are very appreciative of Niki’s hard work.
Matt Moore-Waitkus & Mouris Danial These two gentlemen absolutely slayed the first two weeks of spring registration!! They alone are responsible for over 250 15-minute advising appointments. Fisher College is so happy to have these amazing colleagues!
Meg Downing Meg handled so many questions about adding and dropping classes during the 10th week and helped me out a lot by covering some of my walk-in hours so I could attend another meeting. She’s also been super helpful and understanding this month and has been going the extra mile to make sure I stay grounded and it has been MUCH appreciated!
Deni Allman Deni is always fabulous, but she really stepped up this past month! She covered multiple survey classes due to advisor absence (including teaching FOUR IN A ROW one day). In addition, she saw a very high number of students during scheduling walk-ins. And she did it all with a smile on her face.
Laura Whitaker Laura is ALWAYS a team player and volunteers to help others in the office on a regular basis. I was out during the 10th week of this semester and Laura assisted several of my students (some of which were challenging situations) on top of her already super busy schedule with no complaints. She also graciously covered my transfer survey course and stayed at work much later in the day to be there for it. These are just a few small examples of Laura’s generosity and kindness. No matter how busy her own schedule is, she always makes time to help her colleagues. I can’t thank her enough for her help while I was out during such a busy week. She is the best!

And the winners of the ACADAOS raffle are…. Niki Jaburek & Laura Whitaker!

September 2018 Advisor of the Month!

Check out all the amazing things our advising colleagues have done this month! Thank you for all of your hard work!

Max Gulick Max has had a lot on his plate this semester as the coordinator of the EXP 1100 survey class in addition to a full advising load. There have been a lot of changes this year, particularly incorporating the IPads into the survey class, and Max has stepped up and made this transition much smoother for the rest of the team at Newark, all the while remaining available to his students (and taking graduate classes!) I’ve really appreciated all of the detailed follow-up he has done in implementing new processes and formats for class materials. He has worked with us for a little over a year now and has made an excellent addition to our team!

Congratulations Max!

August 2018 Advisor of the Month!

Hello all! Please check out some of the awesome things our advising colleagues are doing this month. Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work!

Susan Van Pelt Susan has recently started working with student-athletes (again) after Shannon Phlegar’s departure from Ohio State. Susan is so easy to work with and so friendly towards students and staff. She is quick to respond and always so helpful! I look forward to working more closely with Susan over the coming year(s).
Hillary Carter Both Hillary and Jim in Exploration have been a great asset to our students and our staff in SASSO. Our environment is very fast paced and communication is crucial for us all being on the same page. Just this past week, I was working with Hillary on a situation where a student was completely changing his major and entire class schedule on the second day of classes. Hillary reacted quickly to assist a student that was visibly overwhelmed with the first week of class. Her responsiveness and willingness to help immediately made an impact on the student to calm his nerves and make him feel confident again. He is already in a better spot because of Hillary’s eagerness to help on quick notice!!!
Jim Lingo & Hillary Carter Jim & Hillary were a HUGE help for our student-athlete population this summer. This summer, we had over 100 first year student-athletes begin courses. Because of this, they did not attend a regularly scheduled orientation session. Not all students were in EXP, but a large group were. Jim & Hillary were so helpful in making time throughout the spring semester to schedule the students for summer term and throughout the summer for appointments for these students to complete their fall class schedules. Thank you!!
Stephanie Rinehart Stephanie has transitioned into her new role as an advising coordinator seamlessly. She has been extremely helpful to Engineering advising departments during all orientations this summer, including international orientations. Not only is she adjusting well within the her new role, but she is also becoming a great friend! We are glad to have you, Stephanie!
Alison Baker Alison has a new role this year as the sole International Student Advisor in our unit. We usually have around 15-20 new international students, but this year we had over 50! Alison worked tirelessly last week during drop-ins to see these students and make changes to their schedules, often without a break. Despite this break-neck pace, she remained patient and kind with each student and made sure there was a clear understanding of each issue

On top of that, she covered one of my appointments this week when I had a student emergency. Thanks for all that you do, Alison!

Jocelyn Nevel Jocelyn Nevel has done a great job preparing for and navigating the first weeks of classes. She has a part-time position in Geography, but has put forth full-time effort!

She has helped with new initiatives for our campus change students and new transfer students, while working through her first summer and autumn start with our schedule challenging Air Transportation majors. She also volunteered to help Economics with their large international orientation days.

Peter Spreitzer Peter is always an excellent advisor, but this fall he has also helped launch a second location for EXP appointments and begun to develop stronger relationships between our office and BuckeyeLink. He is kind, thoughtful and strategic and the students and our office are lucky to have him.
Heather Saling I want to recognize Heather Saling, as she has really stepped up to the plate taking on many new (to her) initiatives this Autumn. She has put a lot of energy into working with the Pharmacy House LC, creating a welcoming and educational environment for all participants. I am so pleased with her effort to deliver excellent content to our PHR 1100 students, and the way she passionately approaches all of her student appointments – she is a real rock star!!! Thank you for your hard work, Heather!
Lisa Jerele Lisa was a tremendous help to our office during International Orientations. She took the initiative to identify, problem-solve and preschedule each and every international student that came through our office. Due to Lisa’s efforts a typically busy and stressful time of year ran smoothly for our team. Thank you Lisa!

And the winners of the ACADAOS raffle are…. Alison Baker & Jocelyn Nevel!

ACADAOS Soda Float Kickoff!

Come kickoff the start of another fantastic year with ACADAOS at the Soda Float Kickoff on Friday, September 9th from 3-5pm!

This is a great opportunity to connect with ACADAOS members after the orientation season and getting back into the swing of the fall semester. If you are new to the university and want to learn more about ACADAOS this is a wonderful opportunity to get more information and network with other members!

At the kickoff you will be able to join ACADAOS, renew your membership, pay your dues, learn about the professional development program, network with your colleagues, and of course eat ice cream floats. If you are planning to attend please RSVP by Tuesday, September 6th to Margo Coates.92. We look forward to seeing you there!!

ACADAOS Floats 16-17

ACADAOS and the Columbus Clippers!

Clippers image

Come start the year with a home-run and ACADAOS at a Columbus Clippers game on
Monday, August 15th at 7:05pm.

ACADAOS has purchased 30 bleacher seat tickets for this “Dime a Dog Night” at Huntington Stadium. Join us to cheer on the Clippers and take a break from your busy summer schedule. The tickets will be first come, first serve and ACADAOS will provide 2 tickets per person, so you can bring a guest along to enjoy the fun!

If you are interested in joining us, please RSVP to Margo Coates (coates.92@osu.edu) by Tuesday, August 9th so we can get your tickets to you in time for the game. We will have a waitlist if any tickets become available.

Hope to see you there! PLAY BALL!