November 2018 Outstanding Advisor of the Month

Please check out some of the awesome things our advising colleagues are doing this month. Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work!

Barry Tolchin Barry is consistently willing to take on leadership roles within the College of Engineering and always willing provide support to other advisors when they need help. In the absence of a director, Barry stepped up to lead the bi-weekly advising meetings and regularly sends out information that is helpful to the collective advisor group. He is thoughtful, attention-detailed, and hard-working. We are lucky to have him as a colleague!
Nancy Coscia With an unflagging enthusiasm, Nancy puts our students first. She never ceases to address each advisee with great warmth and thoughtful, accurate answers. As my direct supervisor, I feel completely supported and validated in my advising and in my professional development. She is a great colleague and advisor.
Liz McGinnis Liz has been great with getting items up on our undergraduate department website quickly, sometimes in just a few hours to learning new information. She has also been extremely helpful to me specifically getting a project completed and posted to our website.
Audrey Van Ostran Audrey continually goes above and beyond her duties in our office. Not only does she oversee all pre-law students but she also holds roles within ACADAOS, has a digital flagship section of survey, and a full case load of students. Additionally, she is always willing to put together email templates with important information that all our students need and makes a point to share those with everyone to help make our communication consistent and effective especially during registration times.

And the winners of the ACADAOS raffle are…. Liz McGinnis & Nancy Coscia!

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