October 2018 Advisor of the Month

Please check out some of the awesome things our advising colleagues are doing this month. Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work!

Niki Jaburek Niki has been working really hard to improve our peer mentor program. She has been meeting weekly with our mentors and coming up with new ways to improve advising in our office and the survey course. She has also been doing a very good job of mastering our complex curriculum. We are very appreciative of Niki’s hard work.
Matt Moore-Waitkus & Mouris Danial These two gentlemen absolutely slayed the first two weeks of spring registration!! They alone are responsible for over 250 15-minute advising appointments. Fisher College is so happy to have these amazing colleagues!
Meg Downing Meg handled so many questions about adding and dropping classes during the 10th week and helped me out a lot by covering some of my walk-in hours so I could attend another meeting. She’s also been super helpful and understanding this month and has been going the extra mile to make sure I stay grounded and it has been MUCH appreciated!
Deni Allman Deni is always fabulous, but she really stepped up this past month! She covered multiple survey classes due to advisor absence (including teaching FOUR IN A ROW one day). In addition, she saw a very high number of students during scheduling walk-ins. And she did it all with a smile on her face.
Laura Whitaker Laura is ALWAYS a team player and volunteers to help others in the office on a regular basis. I was out during the 10th week of this semester and Laura assisted several of my students (some of which were challenging situations) on top of her already super busy schedule with no complaints. She also graciously covered my transfer survey course and stayed at work much later in the day to be there for it. These are just a few small examples of Laura’s generosity and kindness. No matter how busy her own schedule is, she always makes time to help her colleagues. I can’t thank her enough for her help while I was out during such a busy week. She is the best!

And the winners of the ACADAOS raffle areā€¦. Niki Jaburek & Laura Whitaker!

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