NACADA Webinar “Helping Students Clarify Their Dreams: Advising the Foreclosed Student”

We would like to invite you to view the next NACADA Webinar “Helping Students Clarify Their Dreams: Advising the Foreclosed Student.” We are currently working with the Lima campus to discuss the content of the webinar during the Lima Campus Visit scheduled for February 17, 2017, so we would encourage those of you who are planning to attend to watch the webinar. See below for access to the webinar and supporting materials.

Even if you are unable to make it to the Lima Campus Visit, this webinar would be a great one to make time for. At some point in every advisor’s career, they will come across a foreclosed student, so the information in this webinar would be handy on our quest to help students reach their goals.

Click on the link to the event recording, which will be available to you through January 31, 2017. As with live attendance, we ask that this link only be shared with others on your campus.

This Event Handout is posted at  If you missed getting it prior to the event, it will remain available for you there for at least the coming month.

Thanks, and we will keep you updated on the plans for a discussion!

Amanda Crall, ACADAOS Professional Development Committee Co-Chair

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